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Mass Times


Saturday (Sabado)

9:00 AM (Various Languages)
4:00 PM (Sunday Vigil, English)  
5:30 PM (Sunday Vigil, Spanish) 

Sunday (Domingo)

  8:00 AM (Spanish)

  9:15 AM (English)

10:30 AM (Latin - Tridentine)

12:00 noon(Spanish)

  1:00 PM (English)

  2:30 PM (Polish)

Weekdays (Dias de la semana)

7:00 AM (English)

9:00 AM (Various Languages)

Special Devotions

First Friday - 7:00 AM

Special Devotions

First Saturday, Our Lady 9:00 AM

(Mass, Novena and to and Benediction)

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Novena

Saturdays and Wednesdays after 9:00 AM Mass.

Haitian Mass

Every Third Saturday 10:00 AM


Rectory Office Hours (Horario de la Oficina Rectoral)

Mondays thru Saturdays 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
De Lunes a Sabado 10:00 am a 3:00 PM

Sacraments (Sacramentos)

Baptisms & Matrimonies by Appointment
Baptismos, y Matrimonios Por Cita


4:30 PM to 5:00 Saturdays
Before and after Mass and by request
Antes y después de la Misa y por solicitud

Religious Articles Gift Shop

Open Saturdays and Sundays during Mass Times.
For any Special Occasions, & placing orders, please call
Angela Pellegrino (347)276-2323


Religious Instructions

Please call the Rectory at 212-534-0681


July 21, 2024 – July 28, 2024

SATURDAY,  July 20    Requested By/Pedido Por
9:00    Peyton Elie(Birthday)     Judith Elie
4:00    Thanksgiving OLMC    The Fequiere Family
5:30    Celeste Moran(Salud Espiritual)    

SUNDAY, July 21  Year B – 16th Sunday in Ordinary TIme  - 8th Sunday after Pentecost
8:00    +Catalina Ortiz    Nancy y Familia
9:15    Thanksgiving to OLMC     Cesar Vitiello
10:30    Gabriella & Richard(blessing of children)    
12:00     +Lucie Bilbao    Joseph Loren
1:00     Farah Jean & Jaigusky Beliard    
2:30    O wzrost wiary nadziei i miłości dla rodziców dzieci i wnuków rodziny Ślusarskich

MONDAY, July 22
7:00    Pro Populo    
9:00     +Jennie  Fromme (Anniversary)         Joseph Fromme

TUESDAY, July 23
7:00    +Alejandro Ramirez Orona                                                   the family
9:00     +Stephanie Otten                                                                    E. Barbaro

  7:00    Liliana Benischek (Birthday Blessing)    her Family
  9:00    +Cesar Cepeda                                                                       the Cepeda family

7:00    Souls  in Purgatory    Fr. Marian
9:00    +Manuel de Jesus Tavares       de Maria Minerua

FRIDAY, July 26
   7:00    Anna Teresa Corsello (L)    Michael & Lisa Reali
   9:00    +Lina & Arcangelo Reali    Michael & Lisa Reali

SATURDAY,  July 27
9:00    Thanksgiving OLMC for Stephanie Reyes Moran    the Reyes Moran Family
4:00    +Joseph Hamilton    the Fequiere Family
5:30    +Junior Antonio Pérez Abreu                                              de su Familia

SUNDAY, July 28   Year B – 17th Sunday in Ordinary TIme  - 10th Sunday after Pentecost
8:00    +Deceased Family & Deliverance     by Jean F. Presume
9:15    +Irene Simone    by Family
10:30    +Benito Garcia Uy    Benedick Mustera
12:00     Action of Grace    Maria M Lacrozxe Simplice
1:00     Santo Nino of Cebu     
2:30    O wzrost wiary nadziei i miłości dla rodziców dzieci i wnuków rodziny Ślusarskich

Mass Intentions
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