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Special Devotions

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December 4 , 2022 – December 11, 2022

SATURDAY, December 3
9:00     Toni-Marie and Robert Ucker – Living     by Michael and Lisa Reali
4:00     Tony-Sal-Louie De Marco    by Joanna and Anthony  
5:30     For All Souls        by Wiesław Dziadura

SUNDAY, December 4     Year A – Second Sunday of Advent
8:00    Thanksgiving to Our Lady of Mount Carmel    by Yanick Deslandes
   9:15     Conversion of the Jews    
10:30     Special blessing for all Priests        by Wiesław Dziadura
12:00    +Linda G Watta Gliatta    by Pia Gliatta
   1:00       Blessing and Intercession for Mocamel     by Joel
  2:30    Deliverance & Healing for Farah Jeans     

MONDAY, December 5
   7:00    Pro Populo    
   9:00    Action of Grace for Rouzier Nestor    by Rouzier

TUESDAY, December 6                      
   7:00    Souls in Purgatory    
   9:00    For All Saints    by Jackie Rivera 

WEDNESDAY, December 7              
   7:00    Thanksgiving to Our lady of Mount Carmel    by Marie T Mathurin
   9:00    Thanksgiving for Michelle and Children    by Michelle Claude

THURSDAY, December 8             
    7:00    Pro Populo    
    9:00    +Philomene U Laventure & Andiana Pierre [English]    by Chantel Laventure-Lewis Family

FRIDAY,  December 9                
    7:00    Blessing & Good Health for Paul Davis Mathurin-living by mother Marie T Mathurin 
    9:00    Thanksgiving to Our Lady of Mount Carmel     by Juanne Soluman & Family

SATURDAY, December 10
9:00     +Nicolas Ramirez Torres & +Emilia Orona    by the family
4:00     Paul Velentzas    by the Oddo Family  
5:30     Thanksgiving to OLMC for Petronicce Pierre (living)    

SUNDAY, December 11         Year A – Third Sunday of Advent
8:00    +Ana, Armando y María Elena Jiménez     de sus familia
   9:15     Blessings and Intercession for Joel    by Joel
10:30     Father Marian        by Legion of Mary
12:00    Healing for Baby Joas Infante    
   1:00       Marquerite Thanksgiving Mass     by Marly Auseline
  2:30    W Bogu wiadomej sprawie o powodzenie